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Beauty is pain: A journey through one South Korean woman’s plastic surgery 【Photos】

If you have been paying attention to South Korean pop culture, then you are probably already aware of the huge popularity of plastic surgery as evident by some startling before-and-after images. Plastic surgery is fast becoming as Korean as kimchi, soju or Samsung as one in five women there admit to going under the knife in the name of beauty.

But while seeing before-and-after images demonstrate a surgeon’s skill, you may not be seeing the long and probably very painful process that goes on in between the two pictures. A Korean woman recently posted the many stages of her recovery after plastic surgery, which provides a much-needed context about the lengths people go for the sake of beauty. Click below to see how she looked while her body healed from the procedure!

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61 more images of cosmetic surgery from South Korea

You are, no doubt, aware of the enormous popularity of cosmetic surgery in South Korea. While public opinion on the procedures is still split, we definitely feel that, hey, it’s your body, so do what you want!

Nevertheless, it can be quite startling at times to see just how much a skilled surgeon can do. From the Japanese woman transforming herself into a living porcelain doll to the images of South Korean cosmetic surgery we showed you earlier this year, we are always amazed by the possibilities opened up by a carefully wielded scalpel, and the following collection of images is no exception.

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Japanese Twitter user displays the awesome power of her makeup kit, men gasp in horror

At first we weren’t entirely convinced that this was the same girl in both pictures. They’re just so… different. Look closely though, and beneath those layers (and layers) of makeup and the fake eyelashes, you’ll see that it really is the the selfsame young lady. Her little mole is there; her duck-face smile curls in the exact same way; the shape of her jaw and cheeks are the same. But, just, wow. Welcome to the world of “power makeup”.

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Before and After: 31 Startling Images of Plastic Surgery in Korea 【Photo Album】

We’ve all seen those “before and after” images in ads popping up online or towards the back of magazines. Liposuction, bigger breasts, smaller nose, hair replacement, breast reduction, wrinkle removal, neck flaps for speed underwater; whatever the goal of the surgery more often than not the post-op photographs are shot from much more flattering angles and under softer light in an attempt to prove that the surgery was a complete success.

Although one or two of the following images are guilty of similar crimes, they are nevertheless undeniably shocking. We’d never dream of telling people what they can and can’t do with their own bodies, but you’ll have to forgive us for having gasped when we first laid eyes on these pre and post-op images. Some of them are so different that we started to wonder whether we were looking at the same people.

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