These in-home cooking classes match foreign travelers with Japanese locals for delicious memories

Bring the taste of Japan back home with you by learning to make your favorite Japanese food from the people who know it best.

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Good Couples Day gets our Japanese writer thinking about international marriage differences

What makes for a good couple? Our Japanese-language writer muses on her own marriage to a French husband and its notable quirks.

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30 ways people keep reacting to our born-in-America returnee Japanese writer

After spending his first few years living in the U.S., he’s spent the rest of his life answering the same questions over and over.

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Japanese exchange student sparks culture debate on Twitter with comment about American clothing

How much can the way a country’s citizens dress say about that country?

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There’s no need to care about our staff, because they’re foreigners, says Japanese maid service

Vague phrasing and fuzzy logic leads to swift backlash.

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Japan’s passport is the strongest in the world, study shows

No other travel document opens as many doors around the world as Japan’s passport just edges the number-tow nation.

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Japanese man complains about foreign languages on Tokyo train, Twitter drowns him in kindness

”This is Japan, you know?” he asks, but others want to show him the ways of the modern world.

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Five things that shock Japanese people living abroad

Travel-broadened Japanese Twitter users share their stories of culture shock and pleasant surprises.

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The woman on the “I’m glad I’m Japanese” posters spotted in Kyoto? She’s actually Chinese

Turns out the controversial posters aren’t quite as nationalistic as their creators likely intended them to be.

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Kimono Project is creating a different kimono to represent every country on Earth【Photos】

Crowdfunding campaign opens for Japanese international friendship initiative’s gorgeous designs.

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“I’m glad I’m Japanese” posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users

Mysterious posters draw concerned comments about the insensitive mentality of their anonymous creators.

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Emperors, anime icons, and porn stars show up in six-nation survey of most famous Japanese people

Respondents in the U.S., China, and four other countries’ top 10 answers included Pokémon, military leaders, and adult film actresses.

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Japanese man extends heart, covers eyes for blindfolded free hug experiment in China 【Video】

Moving results offer hope for improved relations between the two nations.

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Five Japanese misconceptions about foreign male/Japanese female couples

Japanese blogger and internationalist Madame Riri explores five prejudices and misconceptions foreign male-Japanese female couples experience in Japan.

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Five ways college life is different in Japan and the United States

From fashion to extracurricular activities, the lives of an American colleges students are an ocean apart from their counterparts in Japan.

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University lecturer calls out his lazy Japanese students, praises his hard-working Chinese ones

Japan places a tremendous importance on education. Many would even argue that studiousness is part of Japan’s national character, and diligent students are seen as source of pride and an object of respect in Japanese society.

Nevertheless, a lecturer at one of Japan’s renowned universities is calling out the lazy Japanese youths he says he encounters in his classes, while praising his hard-working Chinese and Southeast Asian pupils.

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We ask Japanese people about their favorite aspects of eight different cultures

We often hear about foreigners’ favorite parts of Japanese culture, like trains running on time and unparalleled customer service, but it’s not every day that we hear from Japanese people about their favorite parts of foreign cultures.

With that in mind, one of RocketNews24’s Japanese-language writers decided to interview a few well-traveled Japanese people and hear some of their favorite aspects of the different cultures they’ve experienced and how they compare to their own.

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Video asks young Japanese adults what they know about Canada. Do they know more than you?【Video】

Though referred to by some as “America’s hat,” Canada is actually one of the most highly regarded countries in the world. In fact, it was recently raanked the most admired by the Reputation Institute, with Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia following. Of course, this survey was apparently focused on respondents in G8 countries, so there was probably a bit of a bias, but it’s obvious that many think quite highly of the large country.

But what do young Japanese people think of Canada? Would they like to visit? And how much do they actually know about the country anyway? Watch the video blow to find out and see if you beat these (mostly) college students in some Canadian trivia!

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50 things our Japanese reporter learned while driving in the U.S.

Our Japanese-language reporter Go recently returned from a trip to the U.S. While there, he hunted for aliens and sampled the local cuisine, but mostly what he did was drive.

While Japan is filled with winding mountain passes that make for enjoyable drives, the wide-open American road has an appeal all its own. After days of barreling down the highways of the southwest, Go came back to Japan with these 50 experiences he had driving in the U.S.

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Four areas in which Japan needs to improve if it wants to attract more overseas travelers

Japan’s National Tourist Organization recently released its statistics on the number of overseas travelers who visited in the country in 2014, and we’re proud to say that 13,413,467 of you came to visit (though we’re also a little hurt that so few of you called us up to get ramen while you were here). That number represents almost a 30-percent increase from the number of foreign tourists Japan received in 2013, and a whopping 60-percent jump compared to 2012.

Still, Japan only ranks 27th globally in its ability to draw travelers from abroad, making it eighth in Asia, behind world-number 22 Korea and number four China.

So what’s holding Japan back from becoming an even more popular international travel destination? RocketNews24’s non-Japanese staff put our heads together, and after getting over the initial pain from our foreheads violently colliding, came up with the following list of areas Japan could do better in that foreign travelers would definitely appreciate.

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