Very limited sale of glasses that can halt or reverse nearsightedness begin in Japan

A pair of truly “corrective” lenses?

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Survey finds obesity rates fell, but eyesight worsened among Japanese schoolchildren

Don’t take P.E. for granted ever again, kids.

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Why do Japanese stairs have red-and-yellow marks on them?

Even people in Japan are surprised to learn what they’re for.

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Twitter user’s eyesight improves after playing VR game for five hours a day for five months

This would normally be incredibly straining on the eyes, but it turned out to be a blessing for this Japanese man.

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Japanese girl astounds onlookers with unusual kimono obi sash

Even the girl’s own father couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

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Chinese classroom introduces roller coaster-style desks, hopes to protect kids’ eyesight

What’s this strange contraption? Perhaps a headrest, or some kind of anti-cheating device? Maybe it’s something for the kids to hold on to when English grammar classes get too exciting to bear!?

Actually, this classroom has been fitted with these specially-designed desks as a measure of preserving their kids’ precious eyesight.

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