Kenichi Ebina

America’s Got Talent winner Kenichi Ebina in charge or upcoming Captain Tsubasa stage show

Bringing the over-the-top soccer moves of Captain Tsubasa to a live stage seems like a crazy idea, but it’s the kind of crazy Ebina has built a career on.

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Will technodelic Japanese performance group SIRO-A win this season of America’s Got Talent?

Siro-A (白A; siro/shiro means “white” in Japanese) is a “technodelic dance group” from Japan that incorporates seamless video-mapping and miming into their carefully choreographed dance routines.

The group has been picking up legions of fans across the U.S. as they compete on Season 10 of the popular performance show America’s Got Talent. As you may remember, Japanese robotic dancer Kenichi Ebina won the same show two seasons ago. So far, Siro-A seems to be dominating the rest of the competition, winning over the judges and national audiences in the process. Do they have what it takes to become the second Japanese act to win the hearts of America?

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Japanese dancer wins America’s Got Talent, calling show title into question【Video】

We introduced our readers to the “dance-ish” performer Kenichi Ebina when he first appeared on the popular NBC performance program America’s Got Talent earlier this year and summarized The Matrix in a 90-second dance routine. We knew then that he was something special, but little did we know he would go on to take the top prize, becoming not only the first Japanese but also the first dancer to do so.

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