Las Vegas

We caught up with three big names at Niantic at the latest Pokémon GO live event in Las Vegas

We talk the future of Pokémon GO–including everything from opportunities for making friends to the GO Battle League. 

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Some of the most delicious ramen I’ve had in months…is at a restaurant in Las Vegas?!?

Monta Ramen is a legitimate jackpot of authentic Japanese ramen.

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What’s the best (and worst) cola in the world according to our Japanese writer?

While we usually focus on news from Japan or Asia, sometimes we like to flip things around and give our readers a Japanese perspective on other cultures. We’ve given you a Japanese person’s take on New York ramen before, and today we’ve got another taste-testing piece for you! But this time, we’re casting a slightly wider net by sending one of our writers to try all the Coca Cola flavors on the planet at World of Coca Cola in Las Vegas.

Read on to find out if he likes your country’s cola flavor!

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