Leonardo DiCaprio

2021’s top stories in cosplay and makeover news【SoraNews24 Year in Review】

Tokyo’s other Halloween hot spot, divisively skimpy maid cosplay, ladies who loo stunning in their 60s, and Seiji’s transformation into Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Can Tokyo hair stylists transform our reporter into Leonardo DiCaprio?【Photos】

Jack Dawson’s beloved Rose joins us for this titanic journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

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We try the cookies Leonardo DiCaprio fell in love with on his recent visit to Japan

After tasting the sweets at Tokyo’s oldest department store, there was one famous brand of Japanese biscuits that went home with the Hollywood movie star.

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Pocket Money for Leo: Django Unchained Star finds Extra Work Pimping Whiskey in Japan

Commercials: a lot of celebrities in the west won’t touch them with a borrowed pole. After working hard to build up their portfolio and making themselves a household name, for many professional actors the mere thought of putting their face on an advertisement is completely abhorrent.

In Japan, however, it’s a very different story. TV celebrities, singers and sports stars are a common feature on commercials, whether they be on television, magazines or even hanging over our heads as we take the train to work each morning. Watches, skin cream, beer, anti-hair loss, cars, language courses; you name it, someone famous is smiling and pretending they love it in exchange for a few extra yen.

This time it’s the turn of hollywood heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio to take the cash and smile for the camera. Because, as we all know, DiCaprio never shuts up about how much he loves Jim Beam whiskey usually…

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