Japanese TV show’s misheard lyrics segment puts a hilarious twist on Western songs【Videos】

Killing in the name of…split the chicken nuggets, dad?!?

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What time appears most in Japanese and English song lyrics?

Seven p.m.? Eight in the morning? What time of day inspires the most crooning?

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North Korean official put to death after twisting song lyrics during karaoke session

Oh, North Korea. Whether you’re hanging out with American “diplomats” or testing your rockets by firing them over your neighbors’ airspace, you never cease to amaze us with your incredible antics.

While Korea’s grumpy northern half can do very little when the rest of the world criticizes its behavior, “justice” will be swift for those who support dissenting opinions within the country. But in order to mask the removal of high-ranking North Korean officers as something other than Kim Jong Un flexing his supreme leader powers, the North Korean media has recently released “reasons” that could only be acceptable there.

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