What’s the difference between “The World’s Most Delicious” and “Tastiest” Coffee Jellies?

A coffee shop’s confusing menu items both baffle and delight us.

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We taste makunouchi bento at four Japanese convenience store chains【Taste comparison】

Our reporter shares which version of this classic style of bento (all for 430 yen/US$3.83 or under) overwhelmingly stole his heart and stomach.

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Check out Tokyo’s incredible Christmas illuminations!【Video】

Last year, we treated to you a slide-show of some of the best Christmas lights on display in Tokyo. This year, we’re bringing you a full video!

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What, there’s now a specialty burrito shop in Tokyo? Of course, we had to go try it ourselves!

Now, Tokyo has more than its share of restaurants offering almost any and all types of cuisine, but truth be told, Mexican food is not one of our fortes. There aren’t very many Mexican restaurants to start with, and in all honesty, I personally have yet to try a truly satisfying burrito (or fajita for that matter) in Japan. Somehow, the stuff just isn’t the same as the satisfying Mexican fare filled with plenty of juicy meat and cheese that I used to have in the U.S.

So when we heard that a specialty burrito shop, apparently the first of its kind in Japan, was going to open in the Marunoichi office district of Tokyo, we knew we had to go try the food there ourselves. We headed to Marunouchi on the opening day of the new “umum good burritos!” shop to get a taste of their burritos. The eatery had been introduced briefly on national TV, and from what he had heard, they even served an interesting dessert burrito, so naturally we were excited to make our visit! 

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