performance art

Samurai trash collectors clean streets of Tokyo in dramatic fashion 【Videos】

If you dare to litter in Tokyo, you’d better watch out, because there’s a team of fearsome samurai warriors ready to admonish you.

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Owner amazes passers-by as he walks invisible barking “dog” around Nagano【Video】

People in Nagano couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted this man and his invisible dog going for a walk around town.

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Bizarre human cicada appears in Tokyo…oh wait, that’s just Mr. Leotard at it again!

Like any big city, Tokyo has its fair share of interesting characters. And it seems like one of our favorites, the mysterious Japanese Twitter user “Straddling a potty in a red leotard,” whom we have affectionately dubbed “Mr. Leotard,” is up to his usual public hijinks (read up on him here if you’re not familiar with his usual escapades).

This time, he’s taken to the streets of Machida, Tokyo, to pose as…an insect?! 

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Mr. Leotard strikes again! Dancing in public to… the Anpanman March?

Mr. Leotard, also known by his Twitter name Straddling a Potty in a Red Leotard, has struck again! This time, though, his public appearance is altogether more surreal.

Wearing his namesake leotard and armed with a recording of the “Anpanman March,” the well-toned man performed an unusual but skillful dance.

The YouTube video, posted yesterday, has already received around 40,000 views. And once you see it, we think you’ll understand why.

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Dinner and a show: Ramen performance art!

If you’ve ever been to Japan, or even heard about Japan, you’re probably familiar with ramen. And not the instant ramen you can find squatting sullenly in the back of college students’ cupboards across the world. We’re talking about the hot, heaping bowls of the delicious noodles sold in restaurants all around the country. And certainly not this kind.

Each prefecture and city—nay, each store—has its own specialty items, but the following videos showcase something a little different.

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Chinese Trio Dress Up Like Japanese People and “Apologize” to Buddha Over Senkaku Islands

In a refreshingly mellow demonstration held on 23 September in Lushan County, Henan 3 people donned Japanese style costumes and silently knelt in front of the Spring Temple Buddha.

Kneeling side by side the two men and one woman held up a banner reading “Daiyou Islands [Chinese name for Senkaku Islands] belong to China.” with a picture of one of the disputed islands and a ridiculously enormous Chinese flag flying above it.

And you know, in spite of all this I’m not entirely sure they are supporting China.

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