environmental issues

The pros and cons of Starbucks Japan’s new reusable straws

Convenient design or more of a hassle than they’re worth?

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Starbucks starts selling cute reusable straws in Japan

Looking after the environment while looking after your need for the perfect Frappuccino straw.

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New environmental regulations considered for Seto Inland Sea because it has become “too pretty”

That’s one way to sum up the situation.

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Japanese student criticised for campaign against excess plastic packaging

Some people in Japan just don’t want to part ways with individually wrapped candy.

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Tokyo Governor joins Piko Taro for new version of PPAP 【Video】

The surprising collaboration aims to draw attention to a new environmental initiative.

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Hong Kong Tourism Board resorts to some unusual tactics to get around China’s smog problem

As many of you may be aware, China has had some serious pollution problems in recent years with contamination spreading far and wide, affecting people’s health and everyday lifestyles. With all this negative publicity, it is of no surprise that China’s tourism industry has seen a decline in visitors to the country.

However, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has come up with a rather clever and, shall we say, peculiar scheme that guarantees to get rid of the smog, at least for all the tourists who want to capture a special photo for the occasion. It comes in the form of a picturesque banner of the Hong Kong landscape that is substituted for the real, polluted background. It’s just a case of standing in front of it, saying cheese and you’re done. Granted the picture may look good but it still doesn’t solve the actual problem of pollution.
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