Japan’s smallest Toshogu Shrine: A tiny wonder with a big samurai connection

An ancient palace still wields its magic in a residential backstreet hidden from tourists.

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We were blown away by Funabashi Sauce Ramen, just a short ride from central Tokyo【Taste test】

It’s like having several Japanese dishes in one bowl.

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Garbage-collecting samurai keep Japanese streets clean, but what’s their real story?

We sit down with the environmentally conscious Gomihiroi Samurai to find out what they’re really about. 

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Feel like a kid again at one of Japan’s last true old-school candy stores

Ryu-kun’s Shop in Chiba is a real throwback to another era.

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567 cartons of cigarettes bought with 120 smartphones at once leads to arrest in Chiba

He could have stopped at 500, but he just got greedy.

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Japan’s favorite city mascot goes on talk show, says it’s tired, wants to go back to Pear Land

Funasshi has had more than six years of celebrity fame, so maybe it’s time for the pear creature to have a little R&R.

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New Tokyo restaurant promises food that tastes like crap: actual poo-flavored curry

It’s getting harder and harder to be truly original these days, and nothing much seems to surprise anymore. And then something like Curry Shop Shimizu opens in Tokyo. This is a real curry restaurant that specializes in poo-flavored curry.

The very notion of that is sure to send a flurry of questions up to the old cranium, the biggest one no doubt being “How do they know what poo tastes like?” Well, they actually have a good explanation for that, along with answers to other questions you may be pondering…

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Funasshi’s unofficial mascot Satosshi grabs a pear burger and risks getting beaten up

Those familiar with Japanese pop culture have probably come across the jiggly pear mascot Funasshi, and those living in Japan probably can’t escape his image on TV, T-shirts, and tea. The unofficial mascot of Funabashi City had a grassroots rise to fame which was very unique in the world of mascots and stands as an inspiration to many.

Our very own Mr. Sato stands as one of those inspired by the giant dancing fruit, and decided to emulate Funasshi’s success by becoming a self-starting mascot himself. Of course, what better thing to represent than Funasshi himself! So by donning yellow make-up and leotards, he transforms into Satosshi, the unofficial mascot of Funabashi’s unofficial mascot Funasshi.

First stop on his road to riches is Funabashi City where the legendary “Funasshi Burger” topped with a slice of pear is said reside. There couldn’t be a better place to get some exposure.

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