School Uniforms

No more miniskirts? Changes happening in Japanese schoolgirl uniform fashion trends

New generation shows new tastes in subtly personalizing school uniforms, according to survey.

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Turn heads with new Japanese sailor-style school uniform swimsuits

Whether you’re a man or a woman, now you can swim like a sailor thrown overboard and look cute while you do it.

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New line of paired boy/girl Pikachu plushies kicks off with couple in Japanese school uniforms

As some Pokémon are graduating, others are just about to start life at their new schools.

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Japanese graduates rush to make a little extra cash…by selling their school uniforms online

It’s not uncommon for graduates in some countries to throw their caps up in the air in celebration, but in Japan some graduates are throwing their old uniforms up for auction instead.

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Japanese Twitter user illustrates the difference between schoolgirl uniforms in major cities

According to the artist, Tokyo and Niigata compete for the shortest skirt of all.

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Manga-inspired sailor-style school uniforms now redesigned as dresses for everyday wear

School uniforms inspired by Japanese manga have come to life as dresses designed for everyday wear by women of all ages.

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Watch out sailor sisters! There’s a new line of sailor-themed clothing on sale and this time it’s the boys’ turn to come out and play. There won’t be any trousers or navy hats here though, because the only thing masculine about these clothes are the bodies that will be going into them.

It’s the Boku Sera (“I’m a Sailor”) range, which uses the Japanese male pronoun boku to highlight exactly what sets the clothes apart from all others we’ve seen before: these are girls’ sailor-style school uniforms, only now they’re built for male bodies.

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Everything you wanted to know about girls’ school uniforms in Japan 

School uniforms bring back memories of our bitter-sweet childhood days. In Japan, however, they aren’t just clothes, they’re symbols of “seishun” (youth) and a big part of the country’s culture. Girls in Japan love their school uniforms, and there are fans of Japanese school uniforms all over the world.

We know you love these cute school uniforms too, but do you really know everything about them? Here’s everything you need to know to be an expert on Japanese school uniforms.

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