Secret otaku certification test: Can you see the video game cosplay hidden in this clothing ad?

Should clothing chain Shimamura start calling itself the King of Fashion?

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Tokyo Video Gamers, a new bar with free-to-play arcade games, opens in Akihabara

Game on and drink up at this Tokyo cafe where the staff are so friendly they’ll fight you.

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Busty ninja girl barred from Smash Bros. gets her own Tokyo pop-up store/merch line【Photos】

Nintendo’s crossover series won’t let Mai Shiranui in, but no one can keep her down!

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Acronyms and in-jokes: The origins of your favourite Japanese video game companies’ names

As much as we like to think of ourselves as free thinkers and immune to corporate advertising, there’s no denying that brand names have found their way into pretty much every facet of our daily lives. Many North Americans routinely use “Kleenex” in place of the word tissue; in the UK it’s not unusual to hear people say that they’re about to “hoover up” when referring to running a vacuum cleaner; and in its heyday pretty much any portable gaming device was casually referred to as a Gameboy.

The likes of Nintendo and Sony have been household names for years, but did you ever wonder where these names come from and what they might mean in their native language? Author of Japanmanship and game developer James Kay sheds some light on the origins of the names Japan’s biggest video game companies use, from Capcom to SNK, and has generously shared a few snippets of info with RocketNews24 for our enjoyment and nerdy enlightenment.

Find out where those world-famous names really come from after the jump.

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