Downtown Tokyo losing another arcade with closure of Shinjuku Taito Station

Chain managed by Space Invaders publisher pulls plug on game center.

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World record set for most crane games in one arcade with new game center in Tokyo

Guinness World Records representative awards honor at grand opening of new Taito Station.

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Tokyo man arrested for stealing women’s “treasures” and other general creepiness

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have announced the arrest of one Shochi Nagata for allegedly sending an email to a woman in her 30s containing photos of herself along with pictures of her shoes and underwear which he had stolen, together with the caption: “I’ve just snatched your treasures.”

Further investigation is also hinting that the suspect was in the possession of a veritable bounty of other women’s “treasures” as well, making him something of a modern-day pervy One-Eyed Willie.

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