If you were naked in a Daiso 100 yen store, could you put together an entire outfit? We find out

What if the Terminator appeared in Daiso?

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Talkin’ Terminator and droppin’ F-bombs with Schwa-chan and Linda-san

P.K. Sanjun sits down with two icons of the Terminator series and incessantly calls the former governor “Schwa-chan.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger plays taiko drums with Terminator: Dark Fate cast at Tokyo premiere

Rev-9 and the T-800 beat drums in traditional happi coats under a giant Godzilla in Japan.

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Skynet sends a Terminator to Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station to future-freak-out commuters【Photos】

Cyberdyne adapts to local marketing trends.

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Amazing fan artist creates anime-style trailer for Star Wars, designs for Rocky, Terminator, more

Hollywood blockbusters of the ‘80s and ‘90s look incredible when reimagined as anime from the same time period.

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Japan National Bunraku Theater turns Terminator poster into ad for traditional puppet show

It’s quite the summer of 90s nostalgia at the movies this year. Just this past month we had a new Jurassic Park movie, an original Pixar movie, and next month is bringing us the latest Terminator outing in the form of Terminator Genisys.

Anticipation for the film has been high in Japan, but one group you may not expect to be fans of machines killing each other seems to have taken a special liking to it. The Japanese National Bunraku Theater took the poster for the Terminator movie and transformed it into an advertisement for their traditional puppet theater, making it one of the most confusing yet oddly satisfying collaborations we’ve ever seen.

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