English teacher arrested in Japan for smuggling cannabis oil inside hair treatment bottles

Two kilograms found hidden in shampoo pump-bottles.

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Ibaraki Police warn against fake warnings by the police


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JAXA paying people 380,000 yen to drop out of life for two weeks

Anyone under 55 and with nothing much to do is eligible for some fairly easy money.

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Japanese university lecturer arrested for assualting…an ambulance

The sound of an ambulance siren could never be considered something pleasant, but it’s not really something the average person hates. It’s annoying, but then again it’s meant to be annoying–and it’s usually part of rescuing someone in need. We may not like it, but we certainly do appreciate it.

So, while most people may cringe and cover their ears when an ambulance goes screeching by, we doubt anyone would actually get mad and try to assault one!

Unless you happen to be this university lecturer…

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“Hungover today, sorry!” Laidback Tsukuba cafe gives hilarious reasons for frequent closings

Tsukuba is a small, planned city nestled in the mountains of Ibaraki, which has a reputation for being a pretty chilled out place to live. The small population size and abundance of surrounding nature give the city a slow-paced, laid back feeling compared to the bustle of major cities like Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka.

We hear there are also a lot of great places to eat in Tsukuba, provided your restaurant or cafe of choice isn’t closed for the day because they couldn’t decide on the day’s menu items or the manager has a hangover. 

Or at least, that may be the case if you choose to drop in on the popular privately owned cafe, Ajiyoshi. The staff over there seem to take their easygoing lifestyle to the next level, frequently closing up shop on a whim; but never without “good” reason.

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Japanese Students Create Robotic “Fulfillment Coat” Which Simulates Hugs from Behind

Japanese video sharing site NicoNico every once in a while holds a new invention that captures the imagination. Who could forget the auto targeting waste basket or the robot hand that can work a calculator?

The field of robotics has taken another leap with the development of a robot which gives mankind what all machines should: hugs!

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