Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon teams up with trinket company to bring trend-setting treasures to fans, fashionistas

Sailor Moon’s anniversary goods continue: accessory maker Casselini brings us Moon Crystal Power-packed charms, clips and caps

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New Sailor Moon figure turns your bedroom into an anime backdrop

Premium Bandai offers an easy way to lend your bedroom some ’90s shojo sparkle – just display their new mid-transformation figurine of Usagi Tsukino!

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Newest Sailor Moon toy is geared specifically to adults because grown ups need toys too

If you think all the Sailor Moon toys have been too childish, not to worry, Bandai is thinking of you for their next one.

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We attend Sailor Moon’s birthday bash — and watch a preview of Sailor Moon Crystal!

Do you know what June 30 is? Well, it may be the day where you say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, half the year is over! How could it have gone by so quickly?” but you just might find yourself being punished in the name of the moon if you don’t remember one other important event that takes place on that day. Yes, June 30 is Sailor Moon’s birthday, or Usagi Tsukino’s birthday if you prefer to call her by her “human” name.

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series soon to be released, this year’s birthday was bound to be a special one for our Usagi-chan. And special it was! A huge birthday event in honor of our beloved warrior princess, including a preview screening of the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, was held in collaboration with fashion magazine ViVi on June 30 in the Tokyo Odaiba area. And since it was supposed to be kind of a girls’ night out, the event was apparently only open to women, or men accompanied by women.

We definitely couldn’t miss out on this party, and we promptly sent one of our reporters from our Japanese sister site — we couldn’t wait to see what the huge do would be like!

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