Life-size vibrating Legend of Zelda Master Sword for sale from Nintendo【Photos】

Full-size replica of the sword that can defeat darkness also plays music from the hit video game franchise.

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Eternal Sailor Moon fans can soon own a high-quality Crisis Moon Compact for adults

Metallic transformation item is “almost” 1:1-scale.

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Wield a life-size replica of Tanjiro’s demon-slaying Nichirin Blade for your next cosplay

No need to hike to Sunlight Mountain when you can just pay cash upfront.

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Newest Sailor Moon toy is geared specifically to adults because grown ups need toys too

If you think all the Sailor Moon toys have been too childish, not to worry, Bandai is thinking of you for their next one.

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A new sophisticated take on the Moon Scepter from Sailor Moon R

It’s been a fantastic week for those slightly older, more sophisticated Sailor Moon fans (in other words, the original generation of fans), what with the introduction of Premium Bandai’s Miracle Romance line of quality Sailor Moon merchandise, which includes eau de toilette and Sailors Uranus and Neptune lip balm.

Now, we’re pleased to announce a new collectible toy designed for adults–Sailor Moon’s Moon Scepter (aka Cutie Moon Rod) featured in Sailor Moon R, the second season of the TV anime series!

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