Chinese police force called in to investigate New Year decoration

Someone dialed 110 on a 2020.

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6 predictions: Which brand new Japanese anime will be the dark-horse hit of 2020?【Videos】

Here are our Japanese-language reporter Seiji’s top picks for the hottest new stars of the upcoming anime season!

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Buy at least one of these Vladimir Putin calendars from Russia to start your year off right

Putin’s steely gaze will motivate you to work hard all year long!

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Japan prepares itself for…THE FUTURE!!! Lots of bridges and living underwater expected

Mitsubishi’s view of 2020 was both incredibly on-point and way-off at the same time.

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JR West unveils new Japanese long distance train with special features for passengers

This is an extra special rail experience, even by Japanese standards.

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9 ways Tokyo could become more foreigner-friendly in time for the 2020 Olympics

Despite Japan’s relative safety, abundance of delicious foodfascinating culture, and friendly people, the country still lags behind as a tourist destination for foreign travellers. So the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are the perfect opportunity for Japan to show off its famed omotenashi hospitality to the droves of foreign visitors who’ll be pouring into Tokyo to spectate.

As foreigners who’ve been living in Japan for a while, we think we might have some pretty good ideas about certain things Japan could do in order to make things a little easier on this influx of foreign guests

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