A reader asks Mr. Sato to meet in-person, and gives him an unforgettable message

Usually, people email Mr. Sato to call him garbage, but this young woman from Singapore had something else to say.

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Tokyo’s biggest ramen secret? This restaurant just might be the next Michelin star winner

It doesn’t have a star yet, but our research points to this Shinjuku restaurant getting the honor soon.

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Breakfast for a buck! Tokyo university offering ridiculously cheap, mouth-watering morning meals

No one said the most important meal of the day can’t also be the cheapest.

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Sailor Suit Old Man origin story revealed! Not an extra-dimensional wizard after all

When I woke up this morning, there were a few things I had expected for my day: a few gallons of coffee, a couple hundred photos of cute cats on the Internet, and a dozen more replays of Urbangarde’s music videos. What I had not expected to see was an origin story for none other than Sailor Suit Old Man.

And in case you’re wondering, no, he’s a not a grand wizard from an alternate dimension. But that might not be too far off!

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