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Japanese prime minster wants to increase the number of foreigners studying in Japan

Calls on Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to go beyond even already successful plan.

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Japanese government to limit foreign students’ coronavirus financial aid to top 30 academic percent

Those who haven’t been hitting the books hard might need to severely pinch their pennies.

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Monkey Majik and Taiiku Okazaki team up for bilingual Japanese-English track【Video】

What lyrics do you pick out from this funky tune?

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California student Julian Adame remains in jail eight months after breaking lamp in Tokyo

Adame’s mother sets up crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for her son.

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A reader asks Mr. Sato to meet in-person, and gives him an unforgettable message

Usually, people email Mr. Sato to call him garbage, but this young woman from Singapore had something else to say.

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Japanese student reacts to UK food: “How did One Direction survive growing up in this country?”

Sometimes the biggest culture shocks are the ones you have to put in your mouth.

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Want to study abroad in Japan but short on funds? The Freeman-ASIA program might be able to help!

Scholarships for US students studying abroad ensure more people get chance to experience learning in Asia.

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Exchange student goes to Japanese salon for the first time, comes out totally transformed!【Video】

When visiting or moving to another country, usually eating local food and going sightseeing is par for the course, but sometimes just doing everyday things the local way can be rewarding. After all, if you’re already taking the plunge to change your surroundings, it’s the perfect time to re-invent yourself, too.

This is exactly how one Australian felt after a trip to a Japanese hair salon with friends, which he learned was a surprisingly different experience than getting a shampoo and cut back home.

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Four Los Angeles “schools” closed for fraud, arranged visas for fake exchange students

It’s no joke that living and studying in the US costs a pretty penny. So, instead of paying the hefty tuitions of universities on top of living expenses, some young foreigners have been taking a sneakier route to staying in the States.

Recently some “students” have been opting for “institutions” like the four schools recently closed down for fraud in Los Angeles, which function under a “pay-to-stay” program, where the “students” basically pay for a student visa with no expectations of attending classes, wishing only to stay and work in the U.S.

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