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Curry house CoCo Ichibanya has 1,247 branches in Japan, but only one has this special topping

Tokyo’s biggest student town has a special CoCo Ichi menu item all its own.

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A taste of Japanese curry usually only sold overseas, at Tokyo’s Curry House CoCo Ichibanya World

The only place in Japan where customers can order the Mac and Cheese Omelette Rice Curry.

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CoCo Ichi hamburger steak curry for vegetarians? Taste-testing the meatless option in Taiwan

Japan’s favorite curry chain serves up plant-based comfort food.

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Beyond katsu curry: Tare katsu curry now being served at Coco Ichibanya

Select branches of Japan’s favorite curry chain are serving up a taste of Niigata in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

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Vegan curry rice – Taste-testing the new soy meat hamburger steak from Japan’s CoCo Ichibanya

New topping can be had with vegan or meat-based roux.

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We underestimated the special curry spoon from Japan’s favorite curry chain【Taste test】

CoCo Ichibanya makes some great curry, and it turns out they make a great spoon too.

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CoCo Ichibanya lucky bag here to keep you happy and full of curry

Bring in the Year of the Ox with some delicious beef curry, courtesy of CoCo Ichibanya!

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Japan’s favorite curry rice restaurant teams up with convenience store for Super Spicy Curry Buns

CoCo Ichibanya and Family Mart give us a curry meal we an hold in the palm of our hand.

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Japan’s most popular curry chain now has vegan soup curry, and it’s delicious【Taste test】

The curry chain that’s all about giving you exactly the kind of curry you want expands its no-animal-product lineup.

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Curry for breakfast! Coco Ichibanya, Japan’s favorite curry chain, now has awesome morning sets

Branches in Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Akihabara are ready with an appealing, healthy alternative to a bowl of cereal.

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Famous curry chain now offers Low Carb Curry, a delicious treat for the health-conscious

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have more excuses to stuff ourselves with yummy curry.

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Curry rice king Coco Ichi removes 80 percent of rice, replaces it with something else in new dish

For those times when you really want curry, but don’t really want rice.

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Japan’s biggest curry chain now offers a true vegetarian curry

Coco Ichibanya rolls out a new curry roux in select locations to better serve its health-conscious and non-Japanese clientele.

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Japan’s king of curry restaurants enters the instant noodle market, we taste the results

Ironically, two of Japan’s go-to choices for a hot, satisfying meal came from overseas. Ramen is Chinese in origin, and curry came to Japan from India via contact with the British Navy.

Deciding between the two dishes can be a difficult task, which is where curry ramen, noodles floating in a curry broth, comes in. Until now, though, trying to have the best of both worlds meant giving up on the chance to eat the offerings of Japan’s most popular curry chain, CoCo Ichi. But with a new team-up between the beloved chain and instant noodle maker Ace Cook, not only can you dine on CoCo Ichi curry ramen and udon, but you don’t even have to leave the house to do so.

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Lifehack for Curry Fiends: Get More for Your Yen at CoCo Ichibanya

Any Japanese curry fans out there? If you’ve tried it, you know it’s in a whole separate class from the Thai and Indian curries most Westerners are used to. The sauce is dark brown and generally thicker and sweeter than other Asian curries, though the taste varies from shop to shop, and is served with rice. Along with some onions, carrots and potatoes, you can usually find some nice chunks of pork or beef in your basic curry, and then you can choose from a variety of toppings to make it your own.

For curry connoisseurs there’s nothing sadder than when you are enjoying your plate of curry rice and suddenly realize that you’re running out of curry faster than rice. You’re left rationing the last of your curry or finishing your meal with a couple of bites of disappointingly plain rice. Most people don’t know this, but if you are eating at the popular chain CoCo Ichibanya–affectionately known as CoCo Ichi–you can order more curry for free! Read More