Is there no end to the Golden Arches’ generosity?

Just as the restaurant’s french fry offer comes to an end– but not before some teenagers took full advantage– McDonald’s Japan has announced that it’s about to give away free hamburgers.

That’s right- even to degenerates like you and me!

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Despite news that it plans to close 110 stores across Japan from 2013, between 10-11 November (this weekend!) any customer purchasing an item from McDonald’s sandwich range- be it a hamburger, a sausage and egg McThingie, whatever- will receive a coupon for a completely free hamburger.

The hamburger coupons can be used any time from 10:30 a.m., November 12-20.

The news of the restaurant’s newest campaign comes after the announcement that their profits fell by 2.9% since January this year and that perhaps all is not well in the house of Ronald.

McDonald’s is hoping that its free hamburger offer will continue to remind customers of the “unchanging delicious taste” of their hamburgers and drum up custom during this difficult financial period.

Source / inset image: ねとらぼ