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Ask any group of Japanese people what animal they don’t like to touch, and overwhelmingly the answer you get back is going to be…frogs! Which is why it may seem very strange that costume maker @Shin_1223 has designed a unique backpack that is made to look like this wet and slimy creature.

The backpack was made for an art event in Tokyo called the “Design Festival”. The little frogs of Japan are undoubtedly cute but their slimy look makes most Japanese people pull back in disgust. @Shin_1223 has matched these properties of the frog perfectly, with a sleek shape and clever choice of materials.

▼@Shin_1223 writes: “Frog backpack: Pics ADDED! I’ve uploaded the pictures of the backpack that will be in the Design Festival. It’s on the blog, but you can also access from this link!”

Frog tweet

The enamel shine makes the skin of the “frog” look so wet and slimy! The straps are then cleverly made to look like the hands and legs of a frog, rounding out the motif nicely.

Designed in Japan, of course the frogs hands would end up there…but methinks that would be pretty popular in the US as well.

frog backpack

frog mouth backpack

These backpacks will be sold at the festival, but Shin will take more orders if they sell out. While she hasn’t set a price yet, she has said “the price won’t be too high, but at least over 10,000 yen (US$100).” That seems like a bargain for an incredibly unique and cute backpack!

Source: Netlab, Twitter
Images: Kaerudou Besshitsu, Wikipedia