There are a few things we at RocketNews24 love more than anything else in the world: Food, video games, animeweirdness from Asia, and sending Mr. Sato out on adventures involving as many of the above as possible. We also love good music, so it goes without saying that we’re always ready for some new tunes to dance off all of our junk food calories, like maybe some sexy new dubstep remixes.

So, how about this live remix of the iPhone ring tone, complete with a drop dirty enough to make Skrillex blush? It’s guaranteed to get your body moving and confuse all your Apple-loving friends at the same time!

Dubstep is probably the fastest growing music genre on the planet right now–its influence on pop culture can be found everywhere from Hollywood to Tokyo. So, you could be forgiven for getting tired of hearing filthy drops and thumping bass lines. But we promise you’ll want to give this remix by Metro Gnome, an Indian musician from New Dheli, three minutes of your time. After all, when was the last time you saw someone remix the iPhone ringtone into a full song and end strong with some straightforward-but-catchy guitar soloing?

▼For added fun, play this in your local trendy coffee shop and count how many hipsters reach for their phones.

While it’s unlikely that there’s anyone with an Internet connection who hasn’t heard the iPhone ringtone, we found a brief clip (complete with unnecessarily trippy visuals) to add some context.

▼Pavlov who?

This isn’t Metro Gnome’s first remix, of course–he’s been posting videos on YouTube for a couple of years, which, based on how smoothly he plays, shouldn’t really come as a surprise. So, here are our choice favorites!

▼The Breaking Bad theme song, complete with a few dozen repetitions of
Jesse’s favorite expletive. Don’t play this around polite company, okay?

▼He wouldn’t be a real dubstep artist if he didn’t remix Ellie Goulding at least once…

▼And, finally, Mr. Gnome even has a totally original composition for us as well.

Metro Gnome is obviously an extremely talented musician, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him on stage entertaining enormous crowds soon. We’d ask him to remix the RocketNews24 theme song, but we actually ripped it off from a deodorant commercial to begin with, so we might get sued…

If you enjoyed these videos, be sure to check out more of Metro Gnome’s music on his YouTube channel or Facebook.

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Images: YouTube