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For anime fans, there’re aren’t many things more frustrating than single volume releases of a series they want to collect. Instead of a slow, expensive trickle of DVDs or Blu-rays with one or two episodes per disc, fans are always happier when they can get the whole series, or at least an entire season, in a nice box set.

Now, merchandiser Bandai is applying that same crowd-pleasing tactic to accessories, with a series of boxed collections of pins and charms inspired by the four seasons of the original Sailor Moon.

Online shop Premium Bandai just started taking orders for its zinc alloy Sailor Moon Pin and Charm sets, which feature the tools of the magical girl trade seen in Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S.

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Sailor Moon and Sailor R come bundled together, with Transformation and Crystal Star Broach pins and Moon Stick, Cutey Moon Rod, and Time Key charms. The Transformation Broach, like all the pins in the complete collection, can be opened and shut.

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Sailor Moon S is split into two packages. The first, dubbed the Sailor Moon S Sailor Moon Selection, comes with a Cosmic Heart Compact pin and Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Rainbow Moon Chalice, Space Sword, and Transformation Lip Rod (Uranus) charms.

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▼ If you squint, the Rainbow Moon Chalice doubles as a super-girlish penguin.

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Alternatively, the Sailor Moon S Chibi Moon Selection gets you the Prism Heart Compact pin, and Pink Moon Stick, Garnet Rod, Deep Aqua Mirror, and Transformation Lip Rod (Neptune) charms.

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Finally, the Sailor Moon Super S box contains Crisis Moon and Chibi Moon Compact pins, plus Kaleido-Moon Scope, Crystal Carillon, and Pegasus Silhouette charms.

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▼ Unlike “Kaleido Moon Scope,” seen here, “carillon” isn’t a made up word, as it’s a type of percussion instrument. Who says you can’t learn anything from watching anime all day?

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Each of these five-piece sets can be ordered for 2,781 yen (US $27.50). On the other hand, if you can’t bear to let any of them slip through your grasp, and want to save a little money and pick up some other goodies in the process, there’s also a 20-piece Full Moon Set that’ll cost you 9,990 yen ($97).

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In addition to all the pins and charms seen above, the set also comes with a chain to hang them from, plus a commemorative gold plate.

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Premium Bandai is taking orders for the five-piece sets here, and the Full Moon set here, from now until 11pm JST on August 31. The sets are scheduled to ship in November.

Source, images: Premium Bandai (1, 2)