Cute cats from Japan show their love for competitors at the Olympic games

If you’re an athlete who runs from side to side or jumps up and down, these cute cats will love you, regardless of where you’re from!

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French Olympic announcer in hot water for calling Japanese gymnasts “little Pikachus”

Broadcasting Standards Association, I choose you!!!

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Selfie love shown between South and North Korean gymnasts

A South Korean and North Korean gymnast have shown the world the two nations can live peacefully side-by-side with one selfie.

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High school gymnastics team brings much needed humor, Attack on Titan to competitions

If you’ve ever had to attend one of your sibling’s high school gymnastics team performances and been bored out of your mind at all the jumping around and the bizarre Whose Lines is it Anyway/Clueless Gamerstyle grading system, and thought to yourself, “Man, I’d be much more entertained if this was set to the Attack on Titan theme song. And would it kill these guys to throw a fart joke in there?,” you’re in luck; because this genius Kagoshima Prefecture high school men’s gymnastics team delivers on all of that in spades.

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[Olympics] Hot Japanese Male Gymnast Inspires Chinese Women to Create Homo-Erotic Fantasies with Equally Sexy German Male Gymnast

Controversy hit the men’s team all-around gymnastics event as a mishandled score was appealed by the Japanese team earning them a silver medal thereby knocking out an angry Ukraine team and angering fans of a now Bronze winning Great Britain team.

It’s a murky controversy that may have implications on how appeals are dealt with in future games.

However, leave it to women with their filthy minds to make everything about sex.  For as the Japanese team accepted their silver with mixed emotions, women in China were going nuts over “the sexiest guy of the London Olympics.”

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