Here at RocketNews24, we’ll eat pretty much anything. But we especially love wrapping our smackers around limited edition burgers in a variety of hues and consistencies. We’ve eaten black burgers, red burgers, sloppy burgers, and crusty burgers, but what our little lives have been missing all this time is a pretty pink burger! Luckily KFC China has complied with our wishes and rolled out their brand-new rose flavoured chicken burger.

We sent our lucky reporter Meg all the way to China just to try one of these fancy and feminine chicken sammidges.

In Japan, rose flavouring is surprisingly popular for a range of cakes and desserts, and  rose-flavoured soft ice cream makes for a very fragrant summer treat. But we never really thought about what savoury, as opposed to sweet, rose-flavoured snacks would taste like. Naturally our curiosity levels were high when we heard about KFC China’s rose burger!

Once we found out that the burger is only available during this summer in China, we sent our reporter off to procure one of the pink delights and report back on its taste. Here’s how she got on!

Meg’s initial impression of the 17.5 yuan (340 yen, or US$2.70) burger was positive. She was taken in by the extreme pinkness of the bun and the crushed rose petals embedded in its floury visage. “It’s such a romantic, um, burger!” Meg told us.

The inside of the burger itself was pretty standard, though, featuring lettuce, cheese, roast chicken, a slice of tomato and a dollop of mayonnaise.

Eagerly, Meg took her first bite…

…and was instantly shocked to discover that the taste of the burger did not match its outward appearance at all. She’d been expecting something light, delicate, and floral, and yet the burger tasted like a regular KFC burger, except excessively salty.

Meg blames the unpleasant saltiness on the roast chicken, which was liberally drenched in a meaty glaze. She felt that it was at complete odds with the pretty pink bun and ruined the entire eating experience. After all, how are you supposed to enjoy  a subtle flavour like rose while your taste buds are engaged in salty warfare with a big hunk of roast chicken?

Check out the video of Meg’s taste-test below!

While we were initially excited about the possibility of the pink burger someday making its way to Japan, Meg’s report has dampened our enthusiasm somewhat. Perhaps a regular KFC fried chicken burger would have been a better option to combine with the kawaii-ness of rose buns, rather than experimenting with a salty slab of roast chicken.

After all, a good burger should be subtle and sophisticated… don’t you think?

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