We try the creamy rich sandwich that everyone in Japan is raving about. 

After gorging on tsukimi moon-viewing burgers and chomping through all-you-can eat monster burgers at Burger King, KFC now has us heading out for fast food yet again, with the announcement of a new limited-edition truffle burger. 

Called the “Truffle Fragrance Creamy Rich Sandwich”, this new burger puts its sauce firmly in the spotlight, with KFC describing it as “a luxurious sandwich containing a rich, creamy sauce with a truffle flavour and aroma, seasoned with wholegrain mustard“.

▼ But Colonel, is it finger-lickin’ good?

The new burger has been getting a lot of love online, so we headed out to KFC after it was released on 14 October to see if it was worth the hype. When we got our hands on the new offering, we saw a note on the back that read “Please consume within four hours“.

We weren’t planning on leaving the burger uneaten for a minute, let alone four hours, as we could already smell its delectable aroma emanating from beneath the packaging.

Gently peeling back the paper released a waft of rich mustard, and as we set our eyes on this beauty, its sauce glistened enticingly in the light. Lifting the top of the sandwich to see how saucy it really was had us letting out a murmur of delight.

▼ No skimping on the sauce here

Impressed with the look of the burger, it was now time to bite into it and see how it fared on the tongue. The first mouthful was filled with the powerful flavour of mustard, which ran across the palate like a wild horse. Then, a slight hint of truffle appeared, its aromatics enveloping the crispy fried chicken and melding with the tasty cheese, before the lettuce stepped in to balance out the richness with a hit of freshness.

The combination of sauce, fried chicken, lettuce and cheese was insanely delicious, and each mouthful was bursting with flavour. It was also oozing so much sauce that by the end of it we found ourselves inadvertently lickin’ our fingers in a way that would make the Colonel proud.

The burger, which retails for 440 yen (US$4.18) on its own, is only available in limited quantities for a limited time. We’ll definitely be going back for seconds, and when we do, we’ll be using the new KFC lockers for fried chicken pick-up too.

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