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Most people reach for a lighter when they need to start a fire. It’s rare to see someone pull out a box of good old-fashioned matches, though collecting matchboxes and matchbooks was once a hobby for some! Nowadays, though, the opportunities to use a match and get that satisfaction of striking it against the side of a box are few and far between.

However, these incredibly cute match head character may just be enough to change trends! We definitely hope this is something that catches on.

For those that like to play with fire, you’ll definitely want to keep these on hand. And cigarette smokers, you might want to just throw away your lighter, because simply looking at these adorable character match heads, will instantly put a smile on your face.

More than just functional fire-starters, these matches are cute as hell!

Currently sold via the online marketplace Rakuten, these character matches are called “Jinsei no tomoshibi kokeshi matchi” or, roughly translated, “Human light doll matches” since they bear a resemblance to Japanese wooden kokeshi dolls, like the one below.


These fun stick matches have four different characters drawn on their heads:

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From left to right, the characters pictures above are: A dog, crane, chick and Japanese kokeshi wooden doll match head.

We don’t want to encourage pyromania but we certainly love just looking at these overwhelmingly cute matches and can’t wait to get our hands on some to play with. Sold by Rcubic, a candle and aroma company, the line-up of matches also includes other animals, such as cats and pandas, available as matchbooks.

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When you’re feeling down, just pull out a set of these match to ignite a spark in yourself. Sold as a four-box set, they make a cute gift idea, thought they’ll set you back 720 yen (US$6) plus tax. You can also purchase a single box of matches for 180 yen ($1.50).

Source: Curazy
Images: Rakuten, Wikipedia – Batholith, Instagram (kmbomi)