dragonball cup manga top

Proving that there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice, tall cup of manga.

Reading manga is great, but there’s so many inconveniences. Your bookmark might slip out, there’s the ever-present danger of getting a papercut every time you turn the page, and worst of all, you can’t use manga to hold a beverage.

With all those drawbacks and more, there has to be a better way to read manga! If only manga were printed on smooth, rotate-able paper cups instead….

If only….

▼ “I messed up a bit, but here’s my Dragon Ball paper cup manga!”


▼ Oh yes! This is what we’ve been waiting for.

dragonball cup manga 01

▼ It’s Goku vs. Frieza in an epic paper cup showdown!

dragonball cup manga 02

▼ And with just a spin of one of the inside cups,
the picture changes to Goku charging up…

dragonball cup manga 03

▼ …and then blasting a kamehameha wave right at Frieza!
That’s gotta hurt as bad as, like, ten paper cuts.

dragonball cup manga 04

▼ The bottom features Goku blasting with the shining background behind him…

dragonball cup manga 05

▼ …and inside the cup is Frieza spinning as he falls screaming “Gyaaaaa!” Will Frieza be able to escape from the bottom of the paper beverage holder? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

dragonball cup manga 06

Paper cup manga may not be replacing traditional books anytime soon, but it’s impossible to deny how cool it is. I personally love how all parts of the cup are used, showing off the artist’s creativity and making Goku’s kamehameha blast and Frieza’s fall all the more intense.

If you want to see more paper cup manga, then you’re in luck! The artist, @shin___genki, has made versions for both One-Punch Man and Doraemon that are just as impressive. You could even try making your own to show off to your friends at parties… just don’t be too upset when someone accidentally fills it with a drink.

Source: Twitter/@shin___geki via Togech
Images: Twitter/@shin___geki