Even Gudetama occasionally cleans up after himself, which is more than we can say about some of our roommates in the past.

Gudetama, Sanrio’s lazy yet charming egg character, only seems to be getting more popular as time goes by, even when he comes out pooping and vomiting.

Don’t worry, though, because apparently he also cleans up after himself—a rare sight which one Twitter user captured on video during a recent trip to Tokyo’s Sanrio Puroland theme park and has been shared almost 50,000 times so far.

▼ “Gudetama cleans up! \(^_^)/”

Of course, in true Gudetama style, he doesn’t seem particularly thrilled about it and, tiring out after he’s finished, immediately retreats to his shell for a nap.

Gudetama seems to get most of his energy from kids cheering him on with the “Gudetama Dance”, but as his motivation quickly plummets, it often requires multiple dances for him to complete simple tasks.

Right now Sanrio Puroland is hosting a Gudetama live show until May 31 at the park’s Wisdom Tree Stage. While we can’t promise you’ll catch him tidying up again, apparently show-goers can expect the lovable character to show up in “egg-on-sushi” form.



Source: Twitter/@y328_r729, YouTube/maidigitv
Feature/top image: Twitter/@y328_r729
Insert image: Sanrio Puroland