cats and vacuum top

“Guys… there’s a monster in our house cleaning the floor!”

So we know from past experience that cats are at their funniest when they’re acting human. And Japanese Twitter user @nkyanqoozoon recently bestowed upon us photos of some of the best human-acting felines yet: cats sneaking a peek at the scary vacuum cleaner.

▼ “Even though they’re all scared of the vacuum cleaner,
they can’t help but watch it.”

▼ “Dude what is that thing?!”
“Shhh! Just listen to it!”

cats and vacuum (2)

▼ “Guys… what are you doing?”

cats and vacuum (3)

▼ “Oh, my god, never mind! That’s amazing!”

cats and vacuum (1)

▼ “…do you think it’s watching us?”
“No, I think it’s too busy eating all our spilled food.”

cats and vacuum (4)

▼ And here’s a video of the cats watching the vacuum monster
so you can see the terror/fascination in their eyes.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it seems like none of these little guys got vacuumed up! Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say:

“Cutest totem pole ever.”
“Neko dango!
“Am I a monster for wanting to surprise them from behind with another vacuum while they’re watching?”
“They’re all like, ‘Is it still there?’ ‘I hope it goes away soon!’ So cute.”
“Don’t worry, cats! You can take refuge at my house. No scary vacuums there.”

So this brings up the questions: are vacuums allowed on Japan’s cat islands? If they are, then we may have an idea on how to make a lot of curious cat friends.

Source: Twitter/@nkyanqoozoon via Hamusoku