A new way to show your love for My Neighbour Totoro.

Earlier this year, Studio Ghibli’s merchandise chain Donguri Kyowakoku surprised us all with a line of rings called “Kazaring“, which combined the words “kazaru” (“to decorate”) and “ring“.

Designed to function as both jewellery and figurine, Calcifer was the sole star of the six-piece collection, but now a new series has been added to the range, this time featuring a few friendly faces from My Neighbour Totoro.

Again, there are six designs to collect, and each one includes an acorn-and-tree-stump display stand, so you can admire your jewellery and treat it as a figurine while you’re not wearing it.

The large, grey-and-white Totoro who stars in the movie appears on two rings — the one pictured above, where it appears to be peering out from the treetops, and the one pictured below, which harks back to the time Mei first meets Totoro in the film, when the friendly giant is sleeping in the forest.

Those who love the smaller Totoros from the movie will be pleased to know they’re also available, with the stand for the white one cleverly designed to look like the patch on its belly…

▼ …while the blue one is tucked into a cosy acorn.

▼ The Soot Sprites also make an appearance…

▼ …as does the Catbus, who’s shown on the roof of the Kusakabe family home at night.

The rings are being sold in blind boxes for 1,100 yen (US$8.06) each, but if you’d like to collect them all, there’s also the option to purchase all six designs for 6,600 yen.

The collection is available at Donguri Kyowakoku branches and at the online shop from 21 August, which is perfect timing for the Totoro TV broadcast and new behind-the-scenes secrets from the film!

Source, images: PR Times
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