Cozy pet makes himself at home after Pikachu vacates plushie sleeping bag.

About a month ago, we took a look at a new line of Pokémon plushie straps which featured franchise mascot Pikachu bundled up in sleeping bags styled after his Pocket Monster costars. Really, it was hard to imagine anything much cuter than this.


But somehow, Japanese Twitter user @_o_mimimi managed to up the adorableness factor even more. After being lucky enough to snag one of the Cubone straps, she decided to remove the Pikachu plushie from inside of it. This left the Cubone mini sleeping bag empty, but someone came along to fill the vacancy in short order.

It turns out that the sleeping bag was also a pretty good fit for @_o_mimimi’s pet hamster. While the original Cubone might be more reptilian in appearance, we think the furry little rodent looks pretty good in his new getup.


▼ As we can see here, the Pikachu plushie is more or less hamster-sized.

The whole thing is even more heartwarming when you consider how often “real-world” Pokémon depictions can be unsettling or intimidating. It’s nice to know that reality can sometimes be just as cute as the popular anime/video game series, and with winter coming, we hope that @_o_mimimi also gets her hands on the four remaining sleeping bags of this size that’re modeled on other Pocket Monsters. Not so much because her hamster actually needs a sleeping bag, but because we need to see as many pictures as possible of it cosplaying.

Source: Twitter/@_o_mimimi
Top image: Twitter/@_o_mimimi (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Ichiban Kuji, Twitter/@_o_mimimi (edited by RocketNews24)

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