Do you feel like Japanese or Mexican tonight? Let’s do both!

We’ve seen Japanese and Mexican cuisine combined before with the Okinawan specialty taco rice, but as good as it is, it’s missing one thing: being able to pick it up with your hands and bite into it like a real taco.

That’s where Norigami Tacos steps in. They’ve combined Japanese and Mexican food in a new way that mixes Japanese flavors with Mexican taco aesthetic.

▼ And best of all, you get to pick it up and bite into it with that satisfying
fully-open-mouth-bite that only a taco can deliver.

Norigami Tacos is a young business that’s been around for less than a year, mostly setting up food booths at festivals and events. But recently they’ve been getting popular enough to start planning on opening their own store, which they’re currently crowdfunding for online.

Here’s how the “sushi nori [seaweed] taco” was born, according to the official website:

It all started one (slightly drunken) night when our chef was working a late shift at her part-time cooking job at the local sushi restaurant.

With nothing to look forward to but a slow night, bored experimentation began. As somewhat of a joke, a sheet of nori was dipped into tempura batter and dropped into the fryer. We added some leftover sushi rice, krab mix, and whatever sushi scraps we got our hands on and TA-DAH!

The sushi nori taco was born.

▼ It’s really not hard to see why people are lining up
by the hundreds to get their hands – and mouths – on these.

▼ And they have many different varieties available,
such as the bacon and avocado taco…

▼ …the ramen taco with chashu pork and noodles…

▼ …a Mr. Krabs taco with crab meat and spicy mayo…

▼ …and even crispy sushi burritos for those who
prefer their fillings more tightly wrapped up.

▼ Oh, I really should not have started writing this before I ate dinner….

Norigami Tacos is currently only located in Los Angeles, but if you’re nearby and want to try them out, or if you just want to show some support for their awesome idea, be sure to give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

And if you’re looking for other new ways to spice up sushi you make at home, be sure to check out sushi burgers too, for when you need to combine Japanese and American cuisine.

Source: Norigami Tacos
Top image: Go Fund Me
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