Cat shaped seaweed can turn even the most unappetising meals into adorable works of art

Maximise how cute your meal looks with these time-saving seaweed sheets!

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Roasted nori seaweed cake might be a dessert even more Japanese than matcha sweets【Taste test】

Tea company that’s been in business for more than 300 years takes Japanese sweets to a pitch-black frontier.

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We make nori seaweed mayo toast, just like Mama Hatori used to make!【SoraKitchen】

An ultra-easy bit of home cooking makes our reporter nostalgic for something he’s never eaten before.

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The world’s most famous sushi restaurant sells seaweed too, so we made nori rice balls with it

Mr. Sato whips up a batch of onigiri with a little help from Sukibayashi Jiro.

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This is what Tokyo’s ultra-premium 12,960-yen (US$117) seaweed looks like

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato continues to live the high life (sort of) as he pairs the most expensive nori he could find with the cheapest rice available.

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Norigami Tacos combines sushi and tacos into one crunchy culinary coupling【Pics】

Do you feel like Japanese or Mexican tonight? Let’s do both!

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Cheese and seaweed treats are as tasty as they are visually appealing

At first glance these might look like some kind of plastic toy, building blocks or a pile of random puzzle pieces, but what you see before you are multi-layered nori (seaweed or laver sheets) and cheese slices, and they’re are making the rounds on Twitter.

According to beer nuts, these savoury little morsels are the perfect accompaniment to beer or wine.

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Designer Sushi Seaweed – An Interview with its Creator

Design NORI, squares of seaweed (nori in Japanese) carefully crafted into intricate and beautiful designs, have been gaining attention both in Japan and overseas. Currently featured in KATAGAMI STYLE, a 19th century Japanese stencil artwork exhibition being held at the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Tokyo until May 27, they’re going for 840 yen (10 USD) a piece and are currently sold out, the museum unable to keep up with a flood of inquiries.

How did this ‘designer seaweed’ come into being? We visited the Umino Seaweed Shop in Ibaraki Prefecture and spoke with creator Umino Hiroyuki (32) to find out.

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