Seaweed in your green tea Frappuccino? Starbucks Japan has a bold idea for its New Year’s drink

Starbucks goes old school with the semi-secret ingredient in its newest matcha Frappuccino.

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We read and then eat a rare edition of the Hokkaido Shimbun newspaper made out of kelp

Extra! Extra! Eat all about it!

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“It’s Rice! Toast” recipe from Japan gives us an edible paradox for breakfast【Recipe, taste test】

The key ingredient in “girl’s hair-flavored fried chicken” returns in yet another surprising place.

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Roasted nori seaweed cake might be a dessert even more Japanese than matcha sweets【Taste test】

Tea company that’s been in business for more than 300 years takes Japanese sweets to a pitch-black frontier.

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Cups made of kelp from Hokkaido add a touch of umami to whatever you put inside

Kelp yourself to an extra flavorful cup of sake or soup.

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We make nori seaweed mayo toast, just like Mama Hatori used to make!【SoraKitchen】

An ultra-easy bit of home cooking makes our reporter nostalgic for something he’s never eaten before.

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Picking seaweed up off the beach and taking it home is illegal in most of Japan, and here’s why

What’s the harm in pinching a tiny bit of seaweed? Quite a lot, as our Japanese-language reporter learned.
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The world’s most famous sushi restaurant sells seaweed too, so we made nori rice balls with it

Mr. Sato whips up a batch of onigiri with a little help from Sukibayashi Jiro.

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We tried a special savory green tea and rice-flavored cream puff available for only one day

This combination of traditional Japanese snack and French pastry has got to be one of the oddest we have seen.

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Remember: Japanese kombucha is nothing like American kombucha

It’s a tale of two kombuchas as Mr. Sato tries a canned kombucha imported from the U.S. that startles his taste buds and blows his mind.

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Japanese department store wishes you a good year ahead with 150 types of delicious ehomaki

Welcome in spring with these limited-edition, mouthwatering sushi rolls.

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This is what Tokyo’s ultra-premium 12,960-yen (US$117) seaweed looks like

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato continues to live the high life (sort of) as he pairs the most expensive nori he could find with the cheapest rice available.

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Japanese Twitter user discovers an amazing way to spice up meals using just a paper shredder

Turns out there are more delicious things you can use that shredding machine for other than cutting up paper.

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Norigami Tacos combines sushi and tacos into one crunchy culinary coupling【Pics】

Do you feel like Japanese or Mexican tonight? Let’s do both!

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Putting Japanese soy sauce on ice cream: Just crazy enough to work? 【Taste test】

If green tea, Japan’s favorite traditional drink, can make desserts better, why not its most important seasoning, too…right? Right?!?

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Homemade seaweed & milk face packs—the secret to healthier skin?【Video】

Whip up a homemade face pack with this Korean recipe that only requires two common ingredients you’ll find in many Asian kitchens: seaweed and milk.

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Beyond bento — Amazing laser-cut seaweed makes its mark on the artistic world

Lunch-making parents in Japan have long been infusing their midday meals with fun characters designed to please the eye along with the taste buds. A common ingredient used for detail and decoration is the humble dried seaweed sheet called nori. The dark color makes it perfect for creating lines and patterns, and since it comes in a flat sheet you can cut out some fairly detailed shapes with a knife. If you quickly browse through some amazing character bento we’ve shared with you before, you’ll see the important role that seaweed plays in their design.

However, it’s not only good in a supporting role; world-renowned seaweed shop Kozen wants to elevate it to a star in the art world! Forget all the other ingredients you might find in a bento, “Nori Art” is all you need to turn your next meal into an unforgettable feast.

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10 vegetarian foods you can order at almost any Japanese restaurant

Vegetarians traveling to Japan may find it difficult to find food that fits their dietary lifestyle. Fish seems to be in everything including the soup stock used to make miso soup. To make matters worse, many foods in convenience stores, bakeries or even Starbucks have misleading labels, and that “vegetable sandwich,” or “vegetable pizza” may actually have meat in it too!  You can order foods like okonomiyaki or monjayaki with no meat, but you still can’t be sure it won’t come with shredded fish flakes on top that there isn’t fish lurking in the dashi-based sauces.

I always recommend to my vegetarian friends that rather than asking Japanese restaurants to make something special for them, it’s better to just order food that doesn’t have fish or meat (or dairy) in it from the beginning. Fish has always been a staple in the Japanese diet, but the eating of wild and domestic game was banned for over 1,200 years in Japan, and Buddhist tradition gave rise to a special vegetarian cuisine called shojin ryori. Even now, the traditional Buddhist meal called ozen (rice, miso soup, pickles, boiled/simmered vegetables and beans), is still served at funerals in Japan.

So traditionally, there is a lot of vegetarian food in the Japanese diet. You just have to discover it. And RocketNews24 is here to help! In this article we’ll introduce you to common Japanese dishes that can be ordered at almost any Japanese restaurant that have no meat, fish or animal products in them, so, let’s jump into Japanese vegetarianism 101.

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Presenting edible cuteness from the sea — it’s cat-shaped seaweed!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word seaweed? Some of you may think of the black sheet of nori used to wrap sushi rolls and onigiri rice balls. But that’s seaweed processed into just one particular form, and there are many other ways seaweed is used in Japanese cooking — in soup to obtain stock, for example, or stewing with a variety of vegetables and meat or seafood a slightly sweet soy-sauce based sauce.

As widely used as it is in Japanese cuisine, however, one thing you wouldn’t really expect from seaweed is for it to add “cuteness” to the food; they’re mostly dark green or brownish plants that grow in the sea, after all. Well, you might want to think again, because it turns out we’ve discovered a creative seaweed product that can add tons of cute and fun to your dish. Yes, it’s cat-shaped seaweed, and the best part is, you can get it delivered to your home each month in dried form!

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Cheese and seaweed treats are as tasty as they are visually appealing

At first glance these might look like some kind of plastic toy, building blocks or a pile of random puzzle pieces, but what you see before you are multi-layered nori (seaweed or laver sheets) and cheese slices, and they’re are making the rounds on Twitter.

According to beer nuts, these savoury little morsels are the perfect accompaniment to beer or wine.

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