Now everyone can enjoy Japan’s iconic twintails hairstyle at any time of the year.

One of the most popular girlish hair trends in Japan is the twintails hairstyle. Popularised by all sorts of animated characters, from Hatsune Miku to Sailor Moon, the cute look has even inspired a range of huggable pillows and its place in society has been secured with “Twintails Day“, where cosplayers and fans of the look share their best photos of the style on 2 February every year.

While the cute up-do is easy to sport during the hot days of spring and summer, when the temperature drops, twintails lovers have had no other option but to bear the cold or opt for another look that goes better with their collection of cute beanies and other hats. This year, though, the look can be worn even in the coldest months of the year, thanks to a new range of knitted “Twintails Caps“.

Created by Osaka-based hat manufacturer Kokaji, these new caps are being made under the brand name “Cuelitt” , which combines the words for “cute” and “slit“, two of the features that can be seen in their designs. All the caps in the range are designed to be integrated with the twintails hairstyle to bring a new and even cuter look to the original style.

Given the immense popularity of the hairstyle, it’s hard to believe nobody has thought to create a range of knitted hats to accommodate the look before now. Yet, according to the company, this approach to creating hats specifically for hair designs is one that’s so new they’re currently waiting to recive a patent for their unique slit designs.

▼ The hats in the collection include cute pom-pom-topped beanies…

▼ Plain beanies with a knitted design…

▼ And short beanies.

▼ There’s also a floppy style that lets you add cute animal ears to your look.

▼ And if you want something to go with your single ponytail, Cuelitt has a cap for you too.

All the caps in the collection range in price from 2,500 yen – 3,980 yen (US$22-$35) and will be available from hat stores around the country from this autumn. For more information on the types of designs available, check out the brand’s official site for more details.

Source, images: PR Times