Relive the classic games of your childhood on a piece of stylish furniture.

Like myself, having spent/wasted a fairly large proportion of your childhood, you probably need little to no excuse to indulge in classic game nostalgia. While online emulators can bring back some of the magic, the lack of a chunky controller or joystick, not to mention sitting at a computer desk, leaves something missing. A couple of years ago, we brought you news of the retro freak, a system that would allow you to play games cartridges from 11 different classic consoles. The system plugs into your TV with an HDMI cable and then you can dust off your old games cartridges, or raid second-hand games shops, and you’re all set.

Somewhere out there, presumably, there must be gamers who decided that the standard retro freak wasn’t quite enough. The potential to play hundreds or thousands of classic games was all well and good, but what they really wanted was not just a multi-platform system, but one that also doubled as a coffee table. Not only would you be able to play games, but when not in use it could be used to stack magazines, place drinks or serve as a dining table for one person prepared to hunch over quite a bit. Retro freak maker Cyber Gadget has finally responded to this call and produced a stylish cocktail table-style piece of furniture which houses the retro freak system.

▼ The new arcade cabinet gaming system in action

▼ Game installation

The table comes with a built-in controller and 20-inch LCD screen and, thanks to an external USB port, a cartridge games adapter or additional controller can be attached, and games installed.

▼ The cartridge adapter allows you to install games from a number of classic game consoles, including Game Boy, NES/SNES and Mega Drive games.

The cocktail table retro freak went on sale on August 8 with a recommended retail price tag of 139,800 yen (US$1,273 ), but will be available for a limited time at 119,800 yen. The retro freak will only be available to purchase by physically going to the company’s premises in Hachioji in Tokyo. Sales will be limited to a mere nine devices, and it’s as yet undecided whether there will be a further production run. If you think you’d probably like to try out the gaming experience before shelling out a small fortune, the Retro Freak Table will be on display at the Cyber Gadget booth (East2-T18-15) at the 84th Tokyo International Gift Show being held September 6 to September 8.

Source, top and insert images: pccade
Top image: YouTube/大好きなマンアーケード筐体