Take a peek inside this month’s exclusive Kit Kat birthstone box.

Nestlé Japan has been on a roll lately, releasing new Kit Kat surprises like the Tokyo Station-exclusive Tokyo Banana variety and a vending machine that lets us add our very own photos to the packaging design on the box.

Now it’s time to start saving our yennies for Kit Kat’s next sensation, the Birthstone Kit Kat, which will be released with a different edible birthstone and flavour for every month of the year. The series kicked off this month with the Topaz variety, so we headed down to our nearest Kit Kat Chocolatory store to find out exactly what the new chocolates look and taste like.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a beautiful display of chocolate boxes dedicated to the new Birthstone variety.

The November birthstone is topaz, which most commonly appears as an orange-yellow coloured gem.

Eager to find out what the topaz-inspired sweet would be like, we headed back to the office with a box to get a closer look at the new limited-edition chocolate.

▼ Opening up the pack, we found three slim boxes inside.

Only one of these was marked with the word “Birthstone“, while the other two boxes were the Chocolatory’s well-known upmarket Sublime variety.

The Bitter Sublime Kit Kats are made from dark chocolate, using 66 percent cacao to create a deliciously bitter flavour.

These are a dark chocolate lovers’s dream – not only are they rich and decadent with a beautiful depth of flavour, they’re also made with quality ingredients and they have a wonderful, fresh snap to them. Plus, they’re only available from Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique stores in Japan, making them an extra special indulgence.

What we were really interested in, though, was the Birthstone Kit Kat. With only one of these in each box, these are some of the most exclusive varieties currently available on the market.

Opening up this box revealed a beautiful, glistening orange wrapping to really match the topaz theme.

Inside was a gorgeous single chocolate-covered wafer bar. While it looked like a mini gemstone had been placed at the tip of the Kit Kat, it’s actually a dragée, a tiny sugar confectionery often used to decorate cakes and other desserts.

We couldn’t tear our eyes away from the creation, which was beautiful in its simplicity. The two miniature spheres of golden-coloured sugar were perfectly placed upon a tiny mound of milk chocolate, which helped to keep it in place and add a focal point to the top of the chocolate, in a way we’ve never seen on any other Kit Kat before.

▼ The dragée glistened like a gem in the light.

We didn’t want to bite into the beautifully presented chocolate, but when we did, we were reminded that these chocolates come in different flavours every month, and this month’s flavour was chestnut. A common flavour that appears in all sorts of autumn sweets and meals at this time of the year, the chestnut was very subtle, as it was mixed in with white chocolate, which stood out as the primary flavour.

Despite not usually being a fan of white chocolate, the addition of chestnut helped to take away some of the overpowering sweetness usually found in the white variety, creating a mellow, almost savoury flavour.

It was surprisingly delicious, and the final crunch of the sugar coated spheres added a satisfying ending to the sweet. Even though we knew they weren’t real gemstones, we couldn’t help but strangely feel like we were biting down on topaz pieces like indulgent royals.

Each box retails for 1,485 yen (US$13.50), with a new birthstone variety being released from the first of each month. Next month’s flavour is set to be a pinky purple-coloured Tanzanite made from purple yam, so if your birthday is coming up soon, you’re in for a colourful treat. Check out the full lineup here and take notes for your friends’ birthdays because these definitely make for a unique birthday treat that’s almost as rare as the gemstones themselves!

Photos © SoraNews24