Hunting instincts lose out to fluffiness and mutual friendship.

As feline fans are quick to remind everyone, despite domestication, cats remain natural hunters. So when you hear that cat owner and Japanese Twitter user @Hachi_Arnm’s other pet is a hamster, you’ll probably find yourself hoping that she has a very strong lock on its cage.

Your anxiety might rise several notches higher during the opening moments of this video, where hamster Maru is seen not only out of his enclosure, but in extremely close proximity to the mouth of cat Mogu (and for even extra ominousness, mogu mogu is the Japanese onomatopoeia for happily munching on food).

But in a heartwarming twist, Maru doesn’t end up in Mogu’s stomach, but nestled warmly against it as the two friends combine for a hybrid cat/hamster nap.

Initially, it looks like Mogu is about to take a bite out of Maru, but instead the cat uses its mouth to groom the hamster’s hairs. Mogu then curls up on his side, with Maru settling into his midsection.

As further proof of their friendship, or at least their bucking of a predator/prey relationship, @Hachi_Arnm posted another video after Maru woke up, and she was in no desire to flee her feline pal.

And lest you think this is some sort of temporary truce or one-time fluke, here’s another video of the pair contentedly hanging out together, with Mogu good-naturedly letting Maru crawl all over his back.

Considering that in the past few days Japan has had a senior citizen street fight, a man beat another man into unconsciousness for helping his drunken girlfriend get home safely, and an angry garbage collector challenge his coworker to a duel to the death, it’s good to see that that some of the country’s residents are still providing an excellent example in how to get along.

Source, images: Twitter/@Hachi_Arnm
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