Oh Baby (Star), we need to pick up a couple cartons of this.

I’m usually not one to toot my own horn, but in the pursuit of my professional duties, it’s been my privilege to try ramen ice cream twice. Well, If I’m being totally honest, one time really felt more like an obligation, since the official Cup Noodle ice cream’s toppings of dried shrimp and chives don’t exactly cause my mouth to water when I remember them.

The other time, though, when the ice cream was topped with dried ramen noodles, was a memorably tasty dessert experience. Unfortunately, it required a trip all the way out to Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but as of today ramen-topped ice cream is now available at convenience stores across Japan.

For decades, Baby Star, small packs of dried ramen noodles, has been one of Japan’s most popular snack foods. Now the brand is teaming up with Daisen Dairy Cooperative, the producers of Shiobara-brand milk, to make Baby Star Ramen on Ice, which mixes Baby Star noodles into ice cream and sprinkles an additional helping on top for extra crunch and flavor.

▼ The helpful diagram clears up any potential misinterpretation that Baby Star Ramen on Ice might be some sort of figure skating exhibition.

Rather than settle for a preexisting ice cream, Daisen developed a special butter caramel flavor specifically for the product, designed to complement the rich saltiness of the dried noodles, and even added a dash of soy sauce to the final mix.

Baby Star Ramen on Ice is available now at 7-Eleven branches nationwide, selling for 213 yen (US$1.95). Strange as the idea might initially seem, eating ice cream topped with dried ramen actually doesn’t feel all that different from eating ice cream with chopped nuts, and should you find yourself craving even more crunch, 7-Eleven also sells packs of Baby Star if you want to sprinkle on a double dose.

Sources: PR Times, Ryutsu News
Images: PR Times

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