Can’t make it to Japan/wait for the official release? Here’s how to whip up a substitute in just a few easy steps.

Here at SoraNews24, we keep a calendar of all the soon-to-be-released foods we want to eat, and since a few days ago we’ve had a big, giant circle around October 15. That’s the day the new Pringles-flavored instant noodles go on sale in Japan, and we’re so excited that we can’t wait.

We mean that literally, and so with more than a week left to go until the release date, we decided to try making a batch of our own. We’re sharing our recipe here, for those of you who don’t have a trip to Japan lined up, or who do happen to be in the country when the official Pringles noodles go on sale but are unable to find a pack because our reporters bought them all for their own personal instant food treasure troves.


● 10 grams (0.4 ounces) fried shredded onion
● 2 grams (0.1 ounces) sugar
● 90 grams (3.2 ounces) sour cream
● 3 pinches of dried parsley
● 1/4 onion, grated
● 3 grams (0.1 ounce) Krazy Mixed-up Salt seasoning

● 1 pack Super Cup Yakisoba
● 5 Pringles Sour Cream and Onion chips

Rather than just toss some chips on top of some instant noodles, we also decided to make our own pasta sauce to mix into a pack of instant noodle maker Acecook’s yakisoba, the same brand that’s going to be used for the official Pringles noodles, but you could theoretically use any instant noodles you can find at your local grocery store.

1. Place grated onion in a bowl and microwave at 600 watts for one minute.

2. Mix grated onions with fried shredded onion, dried parsley, Krzay Salt, and sugar.

3. Stir in sour cream.

▼ Sour cream and onion sauce is good to go!

4. Open lid to instant noodles and remove any flavoring packets (since we’ll be using our own seasonings). Crush pringles by hand and sprinkle over uncooked noodles.

5. Add hot water, let noodles cook for three minutes (or however long is indicated on your noodles’ packaging), then drain water.

6. Using a spoon, dollop on as much sour cream and onion sauce as you’d like.

And with that, your noodles are ready to be eaten!

We have to say, we thing the finished product looks pretty gourmet, even if it’s sitting in a humble instant noodle container.

So how does it taste?

The sauce turned out excellent. It was rich and creamy, with strong onion notes, and tasted remarkably close to the flavor of Pringles’ sour cream and onion chips. The texture was intriguing as well, with plenty of pleasant crunch from the chips and fried onion.

Unfortunately, the noodles themselves were a bit of a letdown. Perhaps because we added our freshly-made sauce after cooking the noodles, as opposed to having them steep in the seasonings as is common with the official flavor packets for instant noodles, the noodles themselves hadn’t soaked up much of the sauce’s taste.

Still, as long as we still had sauce, we had a tasty meal, and this self-made preview has whetted our appetites even further for the official Acecook Pringles noodles that’ll be on store shelves soon.

Images ©SoraNews24
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