Ever wished you could get a little less flavor on your chip? Wish no more; now you can experience them as nature intended, lightly fried in oil.

Koikeya is one of the most renowned snack companies in Japan, and has done everything possible to stay abreast of customers’ potato cravings in their illustrious career. Their classic salt and seaweed chips have been satisfying snack urges since 1962 and they’ve jazzed up their flavors and presentations a number of times.

But no matter how luxurious the flavors get, you’re still eating a disc of lightly fried potato. That’s the humble image Koikeya is bringing to Lawson stores across Japan with their new “Barefaced Potato” product.

▼ Even the packaging is clear-cut and simple

Reportedly Koikeya received many comments from consumers about how they wished they could adjust the salt level on the chips to their liking, or make their own special arrangements for what flavors the chips were dusted or anointed with. Koikeya has brought high quality, 100-percent potato products to the masses for over 55 years – but this is the first time they’re putting power back in the hands of the purchaser.

As such, they’re bringing just potato to the table. Cut and lightly seasoned in oil, and then fried, and nothing else. No salts, no sugars, no flavorings. Just the raw, unmistakeable power of gently fried potato. The chips can be a canvas for whatever you choose to flavor it with! Alternatively, you could just enjoy the plain flavor of potato for what it is with no added trimmings.

▼ A sampling of all the trimmings you could add

The 70-gram (2.5-ounce) bags are currently on sale for 165 yen (US$1.45) at Lawson stores around the country, but you’ll want to snap them up quickly before they’re all gone. We can’t help but wonder how these chips would taste dipped in green tea

Source, images: PR Times