healthy snacks

Get those gains and a protein boost with Muji’s newest, limited edition cricket crackers

Like my grandmother always says, don’t knock it until you try it.

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New “barefaced” potato chips hit Japanese shelves, boast zero salt and customizing potential

Ever wished you could get a little less flavor on your chip? Wish no more; now you can experience them as nature intended, lightly fried in oil.

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20 Guilt Free Snacks With Only A Hundred Calories

Imagine, if you will, a conversation in your Pilattes studio or gym locker room, or even on the train in any city in Japan, between two slender women, whom nobody would ever guess to be worried about their weight.  These women could be any age, married, single, with or without children, the point being that they are slender.

“I’m getting fat!  I really have to watch what I eat!”

“Me too!  My weakness is snacks I can’t help eating snacks!”

“Oh, guess what?  I found an article on RocketNews 24 about ‘diet snack food’!  It introduces 20 of them, I’m pretty sure it says they are no more than 100 calories each!”

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