Special room at Tokyo Disney Resort celebrates release of the long-awaited release of Kingdom Hearts III from video game publisher Square Enix.

The hype is off the charts for Kingdom Hearts III, and even that still feels like we’re understating how excited fans are. It’s been six years since Dream Drop Distance, the last Kingdom Hearts game that wasn’t a repackaging or remaster of an already-released title in the franchise, and you have to go all the way back to 2005’s Kingdom Hearts II for the last time an installment was significant enough for publisher Square Enix to bestow full-fledged integer status upon it.

So after Kingdom hearts III finally releases on January 25 in Japan (or the 29th in the rest of the world), we imagine a lot of gamers will be staying up all night to see what new adventures await hero Sora and his brothers in arms, Disney’s Goofy and Donald Duck (aside from battling a dark version of Big Hero 6’s caretaker robot Baymax, which we already know is going to be part of the story). But once they’ve cleared the game, should fans be looking for a comfortable hotel to help them return to their regular places, we know just the place.

The hook of the Kingdom Hearts series is how the player visits different realms representing various Disney animated worlds, and now that crosses over into reality with the Disney Ambassador Hotel, which is located right outside Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. Pictured here is the Kingdom Hearts Special Room, and while that straightforward name might seem pretty pedestrian coming from a franchise with games with titles like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the room itself won’t disappoint, and neither will the key.

Rather than just any old piece of metal or plastic, guests staying the Kingdom Hearts room unlock their quarters by using a Keyblade, the traditional weapon of the game’s heroic swordsmen. Measuring 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) in length, it’s too big to fit into a standard key hole, but placing it near the door handle will cause it to unlock the door through pure magic (don’t believe heartless rumors that it’s an RF signal that makes it work).

The Kingdom Hearts series has never shied away from tearful goodbyes, but thankfully there will be no bittersweet ending for you and your Keyblade, as you’ll be given it to take home, in a commemorative Kingdom Hearts/Ambassador Hotel box, upon check-out.

As for the room itself, the two-bed (or three, with an optional roll-away) 41-square meter (441-square foot) guestroom is decked out in Kingdom Hearts artwork and aesthetics, from obvious examples such as the framed character portraits to the stylish patterned motifs that grace the bed runners and furniture. While various games from the franchise are represented, space on the headboards is reserved for designs from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, since that game takes place in a world “submerged in sleep.”

▼ Guests will also receive a set of Kingdom Hearts post cards.

Obviously, though, even fans who think the room looks great probably aren’t in the mood to take a trip to Tokyo Disneyland right now, seeing as how they’re just days away from finally being able to play Kingdom Hearts III. Fortunately, the room itself won’t be available to spend the night in until March 26 (with its last day of availability being June 30), so that gives you at least two months in which to power through the game itself.

▼ Trailer for Kingdom Hearts III

However, reservations for the Kingdom Hearts Special Room open at 2 p.m. on January 30, and considering how popular both the game series and Tokyo Disneyland are, you might want to put down the controller for a moment on that day in order to book your stay while there are still vacancies.

Hotel information
Disney Ambassador Hotel / ディズニーアンバサダーホテル
Address: Chiba-ken, Urayasu-shi, Maihama 2-11

Source: Disney Ambassador Hotel via IT Media
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