Tech geek heaven: Japan’s first do-it-yourself keyboard specialist shop opens in Akihabara

Design a truly unique keyboard just for you.

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Japanese netizen kills time by learning to play a hit J-pop song on…calculators?

It was a moving rendition of Kenshi Yonezu’s “Lemon”.

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Japanese YouTuber covers the Super Mario Bros. theme… on four calculators【Video】

So, do you play any musical instruments? Yeah, I play calculators.

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Musical calculators! Japanese Twitter user recreates songs beautifully by crunching numbers【Vids】

The perfect way to get your math teacher to hate you.

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Tokyo University Makes Calculator Using Robot, What It Lacks in Usefulness It Makes Up for in Cuteness

Japan is well known for both its love and skill of robots.  Free of the terminator-induced prejudices of western cultures, they have blazed the way for robotic tour guides, waitresses, fish, singers, hairdressers, waste baskets, cyclists, rock-paper-scissors players, cockroaches, butts

With so many robots, it’s hard to come up with an original one.  But they are still out there. Tokyo University’s Center for the Study of Robotics came up with Denta-kun, the calculator using robot.  Just to make it clear, the robot does not calculate. It just uses a calculator.

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