Holy mackerel! Holey Pacific saury and scallops too!

Of course, there’s nothing more refreshing during these hot summer months than cracking open a tin of pre-boiled fish and slamming it down. But perhaps the only thing fresher than the soggy, oily contents of these tins are their trendy labels.

Since the dawn of canning, these cans have glitzed up the shelves of supermarkets and now you can too! Thanks to the Canned Goods Ring Collection by Artuniv Techni Colour, anyone can adorn their digits with one of six rings replicating different varieties of canned seafood.

Made with the help of canning giant Maruha Nichiro, rings come in either Akebono Salmon, Akebono Snow Crab, Mackerel Boiled in Curry, Tsukihana Boiled Mackerel, Akebono Boiled Hotate Scallops, and Boiled Pacific Saury.

Each can’s label is faithfully recreated in miniature form and even bears the DHA-EPA certification mark of safety and quality that the original cans have. Not only that, only the curry mackerel can ring is silver colored, just like the real cans!

Some of you might be thinking, “They are totally awesome, but what if they don’t fit on my gigantic sausage fingers, plumped from continuously eating canned fish day in and day out?”

Well, have no fear because the Canned Goods Ring Collection also comes with a strip of paper that has little cutout lids and bottoms. With these your can ring become an actual little can that you can place lovingly on a shelf or try to balance on a pet’s head for as long as possible.

The only problem is that these rings are only available through capsule machines across Japan for 300 yen (US$2.78) a turn, which means you might not get your own favorite line of canned fish on the first try. But why stop there, when you can get one of each to put on all six of your fingers?

At least we all have until their release this August to save up our coins and strengthen our wrists for all the furious capsule machine knob turning to come. Just remember to act fast, because if the online buzz is any indication, Canned Goods Ring Collection is shaping up to be the capsule hit of the year!

Source: Twitter/@f2touhey, Japaaan
Feature image: Twitter/@f2touhey
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