Wearing this won’t make you already dead, but you might be so embarrassed you’ll wish your head would explode.

Crack SoraNews24 reporter Mr. Sato is never one to shy away from pushing the envelope. However, his intrepid willingness to venture into the untested regions that lie beyond the psychological frontier called “common sense” aren’t without risk.

For example, recently Mr. Sato has fearlessly tested what happens when you replace the tapioca in tapioca milk tea with fish eggs, or when you cram earphones up your nostrils. But while he’s personally proud of his achievements in advancing culinary and acoustic sciences, he’s recently started to worry that maybe he’s starting to lose the respect of his coworkers.

So clearly the way to remind everyone that he’s someone to be admired and emulated is to dress up as one of the greatest villains in anime history.

However, just because martial arts master and post-apocalyptic warlord Raoh is the primary antagonist of Fist of the North Star doesn’t mean he’s a hated character, On the contrary, Raoh is often held in high regard by fans who focus on his stoic determination and resolve. His famous last words, after all, were, “I regret nothing in the life I’ve lived,” which is definitely a better guiding signature quote for real-world life than that of Raoh’s younger brother and Fist of the North Star protagonist Kenshiro, which is “You’re already dead.”

▼ Raoh

Thanks to a special celebration marking Fist of the North Star’s 35th anniversary, putting together a Roah outfit was a snap. All Mr. Sato had to do was go online and order the official Raoh cosplay kit, which just came out on a few weeks ago and is priced at 7,990 yen (US$74).

Once Mr. Sato’s order was delivered to the office, he quickly went into the meeting room to change. The kit is fairly extensive, giving you not only Raoh’s breastplate and shoulder armor, but also his unmistakable horned and spiked helmet, bracers, and a flowing blood-red cape.

Mr. Sato took off his puny peasant clothes and donned his armor, piece by piece, anticipating the mixture of fear and obedience that his transformed appearance would elicit.

When he’d put on every piece of the costume, he swung open the door to the main office and stood intimidatingly with his back turned to his subjects. “Gaze upon me!” he commanded. “Gaze upon your ruler, the benevolent and terrible Lord Sato!”

Sure that every eye on the room was on him, he spun dramatically around.

But instead of the supplicating groveling he’d hoped for, Mr. Sato’s Roah regalia was instead greeted with a palpable silence, because it turned out that his cosplay reveal…

was also just plain revealing.

See, while the Raoh cosplay package is pretty comprehensive from the waist up, it doesn’t come with any pants. The only coverage it can provide for your legs is if you wrap the cape around yourself. Of course, Mr. Sato could have just kept the jeans he’d already been wearing on, but that would have just looked too silly by his standards.

So rather than put on some pants, Mr. Sato instead opted to try to salvage the situation by photoshopping himself into more majestic surroundings.

Nope. Now he just looked like a dude in his underwear in space. Maybe a sunnier environment will make it look like he’s wearing some stylish Speedo swimwear instead?

No luck there either. Well, you know what they say: When all else fails, photoshop in a bunch of over-sized doves, a lion, and a gigantic floating letter B.

▼ They do say that, right?

In conclusion, if you want people to look at you with respect, Mr. Sato’s Raoh cosplay plan will definitely get them looking at you, but it my or may not let you check off the “with respect” part of your objective list. On the other hand, though, they say nothing inspires respect quite like confidence, and there’s no denying that anyone with the guts to work a shift dresses like a 50-percent version of The Emperor (Raoh’s) New Clothes is pretty confident, as well as pretty crazy, a description that fits Mr. Sato’s psyche, and Raoh’s, perfectly.

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